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On today’s show, we’ve brought on Preston from Creative Arms/QuietBore. For those unfamiliar, Quiet Bore used to be our  specialized  Form 1 Suppressor kits where end-users would be able to take advantage of using the ATF’s regulations to construct their own suppressor at home. However, as is often the case with the ATF and firearms, the rules have changed in an unfavorable direction for DIY Suppressor manufacturers and as a result, Quiet Bore has had to switch gears to match the times. Today Preston and I discuss a bit of the company’s history, their product lineup, as well as some related fields that Creative Arms and Quiet Bore benefit from with some of their sister companies. Please welcome Preston to the show!

If you’re interested in checking out what QuietBore is working on, or what Preston is getting into these days (he’s really into cars) you can check out the links below to their social media pages.


Main homepage:

QB Series Products:


Lil Guy Suppressor:

Creative Arms Instagram:

Preston’s Instagram:

Car stuff:

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