Real Avid Gun Boss Pro AR15


The virtually indestructible stand-up case puts a complete AR15 kit at your fingertips. Tools snap securely into place and stay organized – unlike the chaos of conventional kits. Professional, specialized and smart. It’s a superior experience for modern shooters.

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From scraping fouling off your bolt to deep cleaning your bore and star chamber, this AR15 cleaning kit will keep your weapon operating at peak performance. Its virtually indestructible polycarbonate case with patent pending kickstand design holds the ergonomic handle, brushes, and tools securely in place – unlike the chaos of other kits. It’s tough, organized and thorough. Kinda like you.

    • Multi-function handle rotates, taps pins, and also works as a detailing handle
    • High-performance tool case organizes, displays, and protects cleaning set
    • Engineering-grade resin case is impact resistant
    • Kickstand feature puts tools at your fingertips
    • Four brass rods combine with rotating handle to form a 29″ rod
    • Star chamber brush
    • 5.56/.223 bore brush utilizes phosphor bronze bristles
    • Nylon slotted tip
    • Bolt carrier brush
    • Hooked steel cleaning pick
    • 90° angled brass scraper cleans carbon between the lugs of the star chamber
    • 3-in-1 bore illuminator/pin punch/ safety flag
    • 6 wool star chamber cleaning pads
    • 50 cleaning patches


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